Visit Canada Temporarily

Every year thousands of people visit Canada from around the world. Canada has been the favourite destination for visitors, business visitors, parents & students


Popular destinations

Summers & winters are best time to visit Canada

Banff, Calgary, Montreal, Niagara Falls, Nova Scotia and Halifax, Ottawa, Quebec and Quebec city, The Canadian Rockies, The Yukon, Toronto, Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Whistler


Different countries have different requirements

Get advise from Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

Member of ICCRC will help you in understanding the requirements to apply for visit visas or ETA

Why you need an Advice

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants can guide you better

It is seen that sometimes if application is not filed properly and supporting documents are not proper, then the results are not as desired. Officers should be satisfied that you are genuine temporary resident

How we can help

We can help you in preparing your application and for your family

There are two ways to file the application:

a) Paper application

b) Online application

Both ways are good

Categories available

Visit visas, Business visit visas, Super visas

Visit: You can visit Canada temporarily to meet family, friends or for tourism

Business visit: You can visit Canada temporarily to grow your business, invest, build business relations

Super visas: You can visit Canada temporarily to meet your children or grand children



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